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Not all cleaning companies are created equal. Many providers can take a dirty office, lobby, kitchen or meeting space and make it appear clean. Some even promise “clean” for a reasonable price. A select few - the elite - can not only deliver on the promise of exceptional quality at an affordable rate, but have demonstrated consistent delivery on this promise at some of the nations most prestigious office complexes, hotels, resorts, conference centers and restaurants for more than two decades. 

7C’s is that company. We are the elite. 

Our Services

 7C’s specializes in maintaining the unique, breathtaking facilities that have made our clients truly “world-class”

Some of our services:

  • Office Maintenance
  • Restaurant Care
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Marble & Stone Care/Restoration
  • Specialty Surface Care
  • Event Services
  • General Housekeeping
  • General Maintenance
  • Full-Service Staff Management

Please contact us to discuss our services or schedule a walk-through of your property.

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